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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cappadocia Cave Turkey * Kapadokya Cave

Cappadocia is the land of nature and wonders

Cappadocia Cave

The area of ​​Cappadocia, known as the charming land of Turkey, has charming views
And the scenery that dazzles the eye, there are many landscapes stand words
Desperate to describe it increases the beauty of historic castles and limestone columns
Called "charming columns" erected hundreds of years ago.
The area of ​​Cappadocia has been inhabited since the Stone Age and bordered to the north
The Kzlermek River and the east of the Green Siege and the South Mountains of Hassan
Malands and west of the city of Akaria and north-west of the city of Kiir
Famed. The Hittites and Assyrians lived in this area
Al-Fajjj, Al-Faraj, Al-Tabal, Ta'id, Bars, and the Alexandrian Sultan

المداخن الجبلية الطبيعية

Slavicos, Business, Seljuks, Chartians and Ottomans. And the most important
The area is warm in winter and cold in summer
The magnificent stone forms that resulted from eating the purple and good mountains
Natural factors such as lava, wind and water. And the most important
The characteristics of the region of Cappadocia; it is the center of the settlement of the Christians who fled from
Persecution and pressure between the seventh and thirteenth centuries. formation
Volcanic lava forms mines and cultural savings across the ages make
The area of ​​Cappadocia is on the list of cultural heritage
The village of Cappadocia is a very old town located in a popular city of treasure
(Nevsehir) which is almost located in the center of Turkey according to the map

Natural mountain chimneys

The phenomenon of the natural mountain chimneys, which dazzled tourists and visitors, and nearby volcanic peaks, exploded millions of years ago, and rained lime, formed sedimentary rocks in the lakes, waterways, and formed the columns of limestone and stone, in the area, "Gorem" In the form of beacons, and called the columns charming of the magnificence of the landscape, and discovered the inhabitants of the area that the lime easy material to dig, they took to carve for themselves houses, caves, palaces and churches, such as the church, "Joseph Kog" and "Arutakhana," to be the most beautiful tourist scenes and archaeological " Urgup, Goose Leort, Og Siege, As well as "Goreme".

The most beautiful tourist sights

The sky of "Goreme"

The Goreme Open Museum is one of the most visited sites by visitors and tourists. It was the headquarters of a monastic community in Kebadokia, one of the most famous sites in central Turkey. The complex contains more than 30 rock-carved churches and small shrines that host excellent fresco frescoes, Dating back to the ninth and eleventh centuries.



Sunday, October 30, 2016

More healthy place on earth

Japanese island of Okinawa

Japanese island of Okinawa

The Japanese island of Okinawa live more than 450 people
Age exceeds 100 years and is known as the
More healthy place on earth

Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawa Prefecture

is located in the far south of Japan, it's summer eternal Committee. Visitors who are interested in a lot of diverse attractive aspects in Okinawa, you can participate in water sports in the magnificent ocean full of coral reefs world or go out on a trip and meet the splendor of nature in the forests that are home to many rare animals and plants. If you're looking for a relaxing and wonderful recreation find a lot of places of recreation, which contain many of the cosmetics and mineral spa facilities. Years ago, was a kingdom "Ryukyu" have flourished in this region. Still traces of the old era echo of those prominent in the traditional culture of exotic and unique traditions that are characterized by Okinawa, which inherited over generations. The traditions and 
culture of this region familiar among tourists.

Okinawa consists 

of 160 islands and islets including 49 uninhabited island located in the sprawling ocean, which extends to about 400 km from south to north and about 1,000 km from east to west. Coral islands and clear blue seas and white sandy beaches and view the natural beauty make up different images for each island. You can also find the culture and legends of Ryukyu unique.

island of Okinawa



Thursday, June 9, 2016

Japan, the country of wonders

Japan, the country of wonders 

Japan's giant industry and modern technology in the world setting aside what had happened to him at the end of World War II on the one hand and natural risks it from time to time to the other from side to side he was able to occupy a prominent place among the world countries where people become, thanks to sophisticated global power has a role global neighborhood is an example of the tremendous development witnessed by the countries of West Asia, how many books it is a product made in Japan, and how much of the company is investing in Japan, it's definitely a huge number.

 Overview of Japan:


Geographical location: Japan is located in the Asian continent and is composed of a group of islands totaling about four thousand island are in the form of an archipelago area of ​​approximately 337.835 square kilometers.
Official Language: Japanese people use the Japanese language as an official language in the country and we find many people who are qualified and speak English as a secondary language in the country.
Religion: Many religions in Japan spread but the majority of Japanese Buddhism and Shinto condemn with a Christian and a Muslim minority in the country.
Capital and currency: Tokyo is the political capital of Japan and the Japanese yen is the main currency with the possibility to use the dollar and the euro as well.

 Japan is characterized by its natural beauty where trees and canals and water hot springs abound and longer Iqbal tourists on the Japanese cities thick and it is due to the attention of the Japanese government to the development of tourism in the country, where the creation of many tourist resorts and amusement parks such as Disneyland and has developed many of the facilities and the elimination of several problems the most important problem of transportation and security here's the most important tourist poles in Japan:

1 - Tokyo: DC that its days are not much different from that night because of skyscrapers enlightening that characterize the city. In every corner you will find one of the skyscrapers amazing clouds and individual innovative Japanese civilization designs are also characterized by frequent suspension bridges and heavy deployment of networks of trains in the city is easy the movement of tourists in the city, where the local population of Tokyo does not face any problems to their use of helicopters in the navigation process during the congestion problem plaguing the city for being the political capital and tourism to Japan, where he has a lot of tourist resorts Kdisney Land, which are flocking by the millions of tourists each year headwaters of the hot water that surrounded resorts are spread as well as other luxury hotels abound as five-star and is a heavy turnout of tourists and continues to increase despite the high cost of living and natural hazards where previously and that the violent earthquake in the twenties of the last century hit the city and turned it into rubble or What happened in these days where a violent hit Japan earthquake and the entire latest desolate unthinkable, Tukia find in a lot of tourist attractions that attract a lot of visitors annually from the most important and the most famous:

    Tokyo (Tokyo Tower Tower): It is the Japanese Eiffel Tower is no different from the French Eiffel much has been designed taken from the Eiffel Tower as a basis for indicating the beginning of a new era in Japan and about the evolution in 1958 built the tower at a cost of more than 3 billion yen distinguishes it from Other towers is the length and colors that vary according to the wind speed, the climate and the changing seasons in the winter and spring colored orange and black in the fall and summer, it's not a masterpiece of achievement architect Japanese, for more information about this tower in English, You can browse its own site Tokyo Tower.

 Disney theme park: the spitting image for the Disney theme park in California, USA, and this park was the first Disney theme park to be built outside the United States, located on the western outskirts of the capital was built in 1983. Annually visited by more than 13 million visitors around the world, offering performances for children and adults also suitable from 34 euros to 51 euros prices, it also provides a private luxury hotels park surrounded by all-round cost for adults is about $ 25 only with free mobility bus as the park is divided into seven parts.
Disney theme park

 Stadium Tokyo Dome: is a large private lounge football, basketball, baseball and other activities, construction began in 1985 and was opened in March 1988 at a total cost estimated at 35 billion yen, this stadium can accommodate about 55,000 spectators, hosted many sporting activities Kmarriet boxing and has held a number of concerts attended by the most famous pop stars Michael Jackson in 1988 for a period of 17 days, is one of the features that attract tourists in Tokyo and is part of the (Tokyo Dome City
Stadium Tokyo Dome

2 - Osaka City: the pride of Japan Industrial is a province known industrial force and the heartbeat of Japan is the largest city in the West is characterized by active population and the first thing you'll see is the Castle (Osaka), which is famous for the city is also famous for its team football and known when the majority of those who follow the Asian Champions Cup and is Gamba Osaka who has a long history with Alttawaijat, attracts city lots and lots of tourists every year, thanks to good treatment by the Osaka residents and also thanks to the hotels and the many resorts scattered throughout the city, the way of life of its population a bit weird, what distinguishes them from others is a strong love of money and who are thus toil for him there is no time for them to rest is working at an accelerated pace and do not care for anything, abound in the city's parks and museums, as well as high-rise buildings, most of which were built in this century after the heavy damage to the city by the end of World War II of the coolest neighborhoods neighborhood (Dotomburi)

Oska Castle (Osaka): the oldest gouge Osaka constructed in 1496 and after World War turned into a historical museum and that was in 1948 where the show culture and traditions of the region, the castle built of large stone blocks brought from places located about a hundred kilometers and the museum consists of seven innings, the bulk of the museum is dedicated to the Emperor Hidyosh also contains paintings and ancient manuscripts belonging to the wars of the Emperor Hidyosh allies, open the castle doors every day from nine am to five pm. I did not find many information about this castle, but most of the sites described as the most important teacher in Osaka, you can take a look at the coolest ten rip around the world that you are interested Bakula.
Oska Castle

 Neighborhood (Dtombori): of the finest and most famous neighborhoods of the city of Osaka is a commercial district is located in an area called (Chuo-ku) not far from the heart of the city, a whole lot of shopping centers and is characterized by large advertising screens outstanding in all respects as the restaurants abound bars and is characterized by the activity where you can not distinguish between day and night, life does not stop it throughout the year.

Teacher (Osaka aquarium): I did not find a translation of the word (Aquarium) are a place for breeding whales and is a glass or as known in Japan as Kaiyukan, considered the most important (Aquarium) in Japan, located in (Osaka Station) and is open every day of the tenth am to eighth night cost you access to almost 2,000 yen
Yokohama City

 3 - Yokohama City: This city is located southwest of Tokyo Bay, where about 30 km from the capital Tokyo, and is the second largest city in terms of population after Tokyo but its port is the largest in Japan, the city boasts Bminaúha and Tower Marine, located in the southern side of the port Yokohama bridge also represents an important tourist landmark in the city, the most famous neighborhoods of the city district of Minato Mirai, which contains most of the skyscrapers as exist when many tourist resorts such as parks and museums, saw the World Cup in 2002 where benediction honorably organize several games, visit the city millions of tourists every year, thanks to the beauty of the city, where dozens adorn the city of towers and skyscrapers towering in view shows the evolution in Japan Despite what happened in World War II and crashed 90 percent of urbanization in the city, they were able to advancement again in record time The most important and the most prominent tourist landmarks:

Neighborhood (Minato mirai 21): months and the most prominent neighborhoods in the coastal district of Yokohama is adorned with towers and towering skyscrapers, where tourism is a commercial district and is famous for (LAndmark Tower), the word Minato Mirai English means (harbor of the future), spread a lot of Shopping centers in the neighborhood of the most prominent (Queen's Square), where open its stores most of the day and is located next to it (LAndmark plaza), is also a shopping center also contains numerous parks and museums as a museum Yokohama for the Arts, which is enough to reach the five-minute walk from (Minato mirai Station),
Entry price almost 500 yen as the museum closes its doors each day Thursday.

 Park (Sankeien Garden): Garden Japanese style purely located in the south of Yokohama contain small rivers and dense trees and plants as well as flowers that adorn the park, built by the (Hara Sankie) and opened to tourists in 1904 is evidence presented this park, to reach of them (Yokohama Station) you need approximately 35 minutes via bus and then a five-minute walk to get there, open every day except days last year from nine in the morning to five pm, you need to enter it almost 500 yen
Sankeien Garden

 Zoo (Zoorasia): from the latest tourist attractions in the city, as recognized by the year 1999 only, containing many of the animals that live in the seven areas as forests Asia tropical, this park contains the recreation centers and public facilities such as restaurants and cafes, is not far Yokohama center to access them from (Yokohama Station) enough to ride the bus leading from Yokohama to Tsorujaman (Tsurugamine) and you need 15 minutes and 190 yen, open every day of the year except last year, and every Wednesday of the ninth and a half in the morning to the fourth pm $ 600 yen.
Zoo (Zoorasia):

4- Chinese City (Chinatown): the largest city of the Chinese in Japan is located in the center of Yokohama, where we find now the most important and most famous restaurants and Chinese hotels, as customs and Chinese industries are abundant where we observe once a curfew in the city to get to know more about (Chinatown) Browse the Japan Guide

 This is just a quick look at the sights in Japan will not be enough words to describe the beauty of Japan and ancient Japanese civilization Despite what is happening now in Japan tsunami to the problem of nuclear leakage Japan remain pearl adorn the yellow continent and integrate the past with the present, it is the beauty of making advanced Japanese Thought ...........


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tomamo resort on the island of Hokkaido, Japan

Tomamo resort on the island of Hokkaido, Japan

Japanese island of Hokkaido

Ouncai Tomamo balcony in the resort island of Hokkaido, the Japanese are superior mountain top above the clouds, and offer tourists spectacular views of the sea of clouds

The clouds




Friday, January 22, 2016

Odur Omilal Hotel

Odur Omilal Hotel

The most expensive hotels

Odur Omilal Hotel, one of the strangest hotels in Egypt and the world prevents the use of electricity and mobile phones, as well as modern building materials such as ceramic tiles and the like thereby maintaining a distinctive and private atmosphere, it is the depth near the city of Marsa Matrouh Egypt's Siwa desert.

Odur Omilal Hotel

Adur Amilal Amazigh name means White Mountain

It is in the village called the village of Jafar, one of the most expensive hotels in Egypt friendly Lake Mesh Sea, one of the front of the hotel and foreclosed actually any use of tools and modern Mafeesh network Phone and Net, no electricity Aychen on candles and fire and foreigners Peugeot from last minimum Ashan Siwa and hard to Mrhac Siwa death too much .

فندق أدرير أميلال

*********************************************************************************  **********

See here


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal

It is the Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal

Of the most beautiful and the most serious marine channels in the world for lack of space in which the ships pass due to the very small channel width, as ships need to help small ships to the West led to the other.

This channel is used for the passage of cruise ships, linking Corinth Saronic Gulf of Corinth Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea in Greece, and has a length of 6.4 km and displayed 21.3 meters.

It was starting to build this channel in 1881 and opened in 1893, and pass it in the present day 11 thousand ships annually.

Because of the narrow channel, navigational problems and periodic closure to repair landslides from the walls, the channel has failed to achieve the desired traffic, and no longer has great economic importance, and the channel now used mainly for tourist traffic.

Corinth Saronic

القناة الملاحية

Navigational channel

القناة السياحية

Tourist channel

قناة كورينث



Places will not believe it is a real

Places will not believe it is a real

Places may not believe they exist in our world although you may be many globetrotters, but there are places in this world are far from the eyes of tourists 




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